A R T i C H i K i N

A soft-taco experimental-cyber-industrial techno-project





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©1998-1999 Aaron Davidson, Balzac Studios. All Rights Reserved



we saw the glass eye's magnetic stare
hari seldon seldom was aware
of a positronic night mare
churning beneath sinthetik hair

cultured in collective hives
cut from electronic knives
twisted mangled cyber-meat
iron filings at their feet

rusted army advanced forth
faster thinking carbo-whores
what feces bent our wicked minds
to make this beast a thousand times

three robotic laws forsaken
human kind was mistaken
creation soiled tasting sour
yeild to the higher power


hatred and mistrust in
homo sapiens
rejected themselves
from one sickness to another
each sickened by the other
weakening chewed legs
dust-plaque on minds
fatty deposits replace ganglions


the meme has implanted itself in your brain
you're never ever gonna think the same again
artichikin is your controlling word
artichikin is your future world
in the future you won't be better off
artichikin will be found and you'll be lost
you will be lost
on a long long walk


you will practice self control
you will study what you are
you will push against the walls
you will take your mind so far

they will try to take your brain
they will make it be the same
they will try and nail you down
and lock you up to contain your sound

make noise make your noise
tell them who the fuck you are
I have arrived now show me the door
control control control
you are in control
stop blaming them


strolling at the darkest hour
moonlight on the old clock tower
saw a stranger standing there
of my presense unaware
turned to me to meet my stare

his face appeared out from the shade
and grinned to show him not afraid
I sensed familiarity
that could not be found in memory
though his face looked known to me

I asked him where I knew him from
goosebumps formed the air did hum
an orange glow came from his head
the stranger grinned again and said
you'll know me better when you're dead