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Dec 3 2005 / Aaron

It’s meter time!

Ok, I’ve decided you folks out there can have a peek at the CRON-o-Meter, version 0.1. Yes, that’s right 0.1, as in not even half-baked. Yes, expect: bugs, incorrect data, loss of data, display glitches, usability problems, and gobs of missing functionality. Most importantly, don’t expect any data you enter to work in future versions.

Nevertheless, the USDA food search works, the food and recipe editor works reasonably well. You can track your nutrition for the day, and even track your weight, BP, and tempterature (although there are no graphs yet so it is not very usefull).

Download: Windows Version or Mac OS X Version

Note: For both Windows and Mac OS X users, you’ll need the latest version of Java (1.5) installed: Download Java for Windows, Download Mac OS X JDK1.5r3

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  1. bilge / Dec 5 2005

    Congratulations … well, half of one.

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